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Emily helped me place an order for 10 bars of soap that I needed to ship the same day, to receive in time for a Christmas party. They arrived on time, are beautiful and smell amazing! I can’t wait to give them to my family and friends. This was my first order, so I needed her expertise in selecting the right soaps. I look forward to ordering more in the near future.

Joan S

These soaps smell awesome! You can tell the owner/maker put a lot of thought into the names, scents, & colors (especially the glittery stuff on top!). Check on the website too. The explanation of each smell is perfect!
The first I tried was lavender & sage. It smells so good! Left my hands soft & smelling great. Smells like freshly harvested lavender & the sage helps keep the lavender smell under control.
Another great soap is Campfire. It's not "girly" smelling at all. Men like it too! The colors are really cool. But the smell is a bit woodsy, a bit sweet, & just a bit "manly", but in a good way. Great one for a shower!
My absolute favorite so far has to be Icy & Blue! DO NOT miss this one! it is fresh, tingles my nose (like fizzy water), & just smells like what I think a Prairie covered in fresh snow might smell like. Fresh & Pure! Untouched beauty. The scent is like nothing you've smelled before. I use it before bed, & then I can breathe in the happy, relaxing smell as I go to sleep. Yes, it's THAT good!
Don't pass up these soaps. Buy a few & give them a try! You'll definitely come back!

Viki S

Hands down the best soap I've ever used.  Using soap from Suds'em turned a simple, every day task into an experience.  Definitely recommend Suds'em soaps.  My favorite is the bamboo

Justin W

I ordered a bunch of soap from Suds'em.  While I'm still using the first bar I purchased, I stash the other bars in my dresser drawer.  The smells that permeate from my drawers are so  extraordinary, I ordered more soap just so I could fill the rest of my dresser.

Stan W

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